Well spoken, professional DJ/MC with a clear voice, with excellent communication skills with a good sense of timing and co-ordination. Experience working in live events, clubs, shows, private events as a mobile DJ and MC.


Salim M. Gafur

The Maestro of Kaotic Soundz DJs


DJ Salim’s love of music started at a young age, thanks to his sisters. Soon he was playing music for family parties. At the age of 17, he started DJing at the club scene, which led to him releasing re-mixed CDs into the market “KSP 2000” and “Club XTC”, soon after he was asked to DJ at private events for friends and family weddings in the south Asian community. He exploded in the private wedding/event industry soon after. He soon started to host bigger events in 2008 he was able to work with the team of singers (Atif Aslam, Kalash Kher, etc.) for a concert in Devils arena.

In 2011 he was asked to host the iifa after party, in Toronto, Canada. This opportunity helped him become an international DJ and he now travels to internationally to host private weddings/events. He has also had the privilege to work with many fashion designers (Ghazala Asam, HSY, Maria B.) Put together the runways, with lighting, live visual, and of course hosting some of the best after parties.


Marriott – Long Island, NJ, Mexico, CT, PA, NY Hyatt – NY, NJ, CT, PA

Crest Hollow Country Club – Long Island, NY Oheka Castle – Long Island, NY

Pier 60 – Manhattan, NY The Pierre – Manhattan, NY

Atlantis – Nassau, Bahamas NY Public Library/ Bryant Park – Manhattan, NY

Surf Club – Westchester, NY Holiday Inn – Mumbai, India

Cipirani – Manhattan, NY Gotham Hall – Manhattan, NY

The Venetain – Garfield, NJ Venetian Yacht Club – Babylon, NY

Leonard’s Palazzo – Great Neck, NY Antuns – Hicksville, NY

The Sterling – Hicksville, NY Grand Prospect Hall – Brooklyn, NY

Castle Royale - Yonkers, NY Newyork Public Library - New York

Bryant Park - New York Untermyer Park - Yonkers, NY


New York (tri-state), New Jersey, Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Atlanta, Dubai, Mexico, Ohio, Canada, Bahamas, India, Bangladesh, London, Texas, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Bali, Indonesia

It all started in 1996 and ever since he's been in this business. He has successfully hosted over 20000 wedding and other events by the grace of Almighty.